Bioluminescence / Night Kayak Tour

This 1.5 hour night tour begins at our rental beach during the summer.  As you paddle through the waters, bioluminescent plankton will light up like fireflies. The more you splash and agitate the water with your hands and paddles the more you will make the water sparkle! And don’t forget to look up to stars! We may also see meteors, bats and maybe hear a squawking heron or a startled harbor seal.

Kayaks and all safety equipment included.  A mixture of tandem and single kayaks will be utilized. 

Meet us at our office to sign-in before caravanning to the launch site.   Your registration requires prepayment and is non refundable if you cancel within one week of the tour date, or if you do not show.  If we must cancel the tour due to weather, the full amount will be refunded to you. 

Photos of bioluminescence used on this page were taken by photographer John Freschauer using longer light exposure and may not appear exactly as depicted.

$105 per person 

Offered July through early September


NEW BOOKING FRIENDLY WEBSITE COMING SOON!  Until our new website goes live, please call us to book 360-301-6310.


Your guides gladly accept cash tips.  Thank You!