Tide Pool Tour

For our 1 hour Tide Pool Tour we leave the beach around low tide to view a variety of marine invertebrates such as sea stars, sea cucumbers, nudibranch, chitons, and crab.  We usually also see bald eagles, small fish, jellyfish, heron and sometimes a seal or two! Your Biologist or Naturalist Guide will teach you about the animals we encounter as we slowly paddle around the rocky shoreline.

This tour is perfect for small children, beginners, and folks who just want get out of the water for a bit and learn about some really cool animals. If you want to continue exploring after the tour you are welcome to extend your paddling time and venture off on your own.

Sunflower Star – Tide Pool Tour

$49 per person (2 or more)

$60 for one person private tours

Children small enough to fit in toddler seats are free!

Add kayak crabbing to the tour for $25!

Please give us at least 48 hours notice when scheduling a tour.