Night Tour

Our Night Tours are conducted every Friday night throughout the summer months (June through September starting in 2020).  This tour begins at Yelvik’s Beach where we will have a fire going as you arrive and your boats lit up with colorful lights. Bring snacks and beverages as we wait for the darkness to settle upon us which makes it best to see bioluminescent plankton. As you paddle through the waters, if conditions are right, these organisms will light up like fireflies as your guide talks about the creatures that posses this special adaptation. We may also see, or just hear, bats and heron or a startled harbor seal.

Please call or e-mail us to book this tour at least 7 days in advance.  Arrive between 8pm and 9pm.  There is a $10 booking fee which will be refunded to you at check out. Let us know if you would like this event catered for your group.

$65 per person

Free for kids 0 to 4


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